The Morning Briefing: Hey Democrats -- It's Too Late To House Train Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep

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This Loon Shouldn’t Be Off-Leash

Back in the Obama era, when Joe Biden was one heartbeat away from the presidency, I found it odd that so many of my fellow conservatives found him to be amusing and charming. I always thought that he was a dangerous loon and really, really hoped that Obama was keeping himself fit.


Now that lunatic wants to eliminate the “one heartbeat away” part and actually get his constantly groping hands on the nuclear codes. These painfully long primary seasons make it almost impossible for a candidate to hide quirks and flaws. As Biden is nothing but quirks and flaws, we’re getting to see quite the cornucopia of crazy.

The long holiday weekend wasn’t good for Biden’s public case for his sanity. Maybe it was just the turkey tryptophan getting to him, or maybe his last tether to reality has been done in by too much campaign trail chicken, but Crazy Joe is toast mentally:

Matt wrote about this bizarre incident here. Sure, when you see the video it all happens very fast, but WHAT KIND OF ADULT DOES THAT?!? He’s out in front of a crowd to make his case for becoming the most powerful man on Earth and he behaves like a six-year-old who is in desperate need of Ritalin.

Matt had another post about something even weirder, which was a continuation of an already strange Biden incident:

Joe Biden seems to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. First, he bit his wife’s finger for some reason while she was giving a speech. On Sunday, an old video clip of him is making the rounds on social media.

“And by the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it gets hot,” Biden explained. “I got hairy legs that … turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So, I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.”


If Biden were your uncle or grandfather, the family would be having a difficult but necessary conversation about getting him some full-time care. This guy needs a nurse, not priority access to weapons of mass destruction. He’s at the point where he probably shouldn’t even be trusted with metal utensils during meals.

I don’t think Biden is getting senile or going crazy. He has always been a spaz with no impulse control. I had jokes in my act about that back in 2009.

There is a big difference between Biden’s lack of impulse control and President Trump’s lack of a verbal filter. Being a little too off the cuff is not as cringe-worthy as public nibbling and groping.

Der Bidengaffer is a liability. His biggest gaffes are no doubt yet to come.

He’s also the Democrats’ best hope to win next year.

So, LOL to that.

Creepy, Constitution-Hating Commie

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