The Morning Briefing: ESPN College Game Day and Hong Kong Freedom Edition

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That Escalated Quickly

The NBA/China kerfluffle we discussed here the other day has picked up extra fluffle since then. All of the oh-so-opinionated NBA types are suddenly dumbstruck when it comes to taking sides between the Chinese commies and the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.


After the NBA kowtowed to the ChiComs, ESPN issued a directive to its employees to be delicate with them too.

ESPN is headed to Baton Rouge this weekend and our old friend Iowahawk had a wonderful idea:

As our own VodkaPundit said in his coverage of this:

What’s better than sticking it to Chinese commie bastards? How about sticking it to Chinese, NBA, and ESPN commie bastards all at the same time?

What indeed?

For those unfamiliar with Game Day, ESPN sets up on a different college campus every week for one of the most hot-ticket games between ranked opponents. The fans can gather behind the set and hold up signs for the national television audience to see all day Saturday.

Flooding one of the most-watched fall weekend sports television broadcasts with signage that will annoy commies and their sympathizers seems like a wonderful use of modern technology.

The obvious discomfort being exhibited these past few days by the NBA, ESPN, and others who have decided to get into bed with China for fun and profit has been alternately pathetic and fun to watch. As long as they are squirming, why not do something that will make them squirm a little more?


Yeah, nothing will change in Hong Kong, but some idiot communism apologists here in the good old U.S. of A. will be irritated.

That’s a win.

They Won’t Be Happy Until All Media Bow 

It’s come to this: Democrats want to dictate which political ads should and should not be run.

There’s one showing up on various social media platforms skewering Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep for his extracurricular activities in Ukraine.

After failing to pressure Facebook into pulling the ads, Team Biden went after Twitter.

Fauxcahontas came to Biden’s aid and went off on Facebook for not jumping when they were told to.

This is new territory for the Democrats. They are so used to the mainstream media dancing for them that it’s no doubt a surprise that social and new media won’t just roll over.

Not that social media doesn’t carry plenty of water for liberals, but the kids are a little more commerce-driven than their elders. One needs to make a compelling argument for them to eschew ad revenue.

A lot of this angst is probably rooted in their dread of President Trump’s superior use of social media. That’s gotta keep them up at night.

One thing the Democrats have been making clear for years is that they will be satisfied with nothing less than total capitulation. They want ALL media — news, social, and entertainment — in their pockets and most already are.


Twitter may cave because CEO Jack Dorsey is a spineless liberal wuss and wants to be liked.

Nobody’s going to like him though.

Margolis and Cox

(Margolis and Cox)

So, pizza with extra sauce, right?

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