The Morning Briefing: Trump Trolling Tuesday

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Are We Not Entertained?

Forget sun and weather damage, I’m beginning to be convinced that nothing ages me faster than an early week news cycle. This week is barely underway and I may age forty years before lunchtime on Wednesday.


Much to my surprise, the little Swedish climate brat became even more tedious as Monday wore on. We’ve not been subjected to that kind of ubiquity on social media since the last time Hillary Clinton was caught fondling a mango at Whole Foods by one of her “neighbors.”

While I’ve written in the past that I believe Thunberg is a victim of child abuse and Stephen Green made some very good points about the overall awfulness of what made her this way, she is now officially on my nerves, as well as all over my social media feeds.

What was sorely needed was some entertainment, especially in the form of a prominent adult who wasn’t insisting that we let European teenagers scold us about the climate scam.

Enter the President of the United States:

The responses to that are really entertaining. Most of them are from fans who appreciate POTUS’S trolling skills, but there are plenty of humorless triggered libs sharing their daily cries for help.

Shut It, Mittens

Trump was in a trolling mood all day, thankfully, after Mitt Romney shared another one of his nauseating, posturing hot takes that agreed with anti-Trump liberals. Matt Margolis wrote about it here, and I’ll go ahead and share Trump’s reply:


Dems In Full “Doomed to Repeat History” Mode

The seemingly endless post-mortems offered by Granny Maojackets regarding her loss in 2016 offered a litany of different excuses, virtually none of which were correct.

The good news for President Trump and his supporters is that Hillary’s delusions are infecting the whole party and their friends in the media.

WaPo ran an article on Monday that laughingly posits Trump’s ability to hijack a narrative as one of the Democrats’ biggest problems:

But in a worrisome sign for Democrats anxious about reliving the party’s woes in 2016, the campaign’s counterattack is being drowned out by a pro-Trump network on social media and cable news that kicked into gear over the weekend, leveling accusations against Biden that have scant factual basis.

The skirmish illustrated how ill-equipped Democrats, busy battling one another in the fight for the nomination, are to compete with Trump’s online megaphone, which includes not just his own Twitter feed and that of the Republican National Committee’s leadership, but also a regiment of conservative talking heads and highly active Internet trolls who have closed ranks around the president.


Cool story bro, especially the “scant factual basis” part, which has been pretty much undone by old video of Der Bidengaffer himself.

It also ignores the presence of the twenty-four-hour anti-Trump smear machine on cable and network news, as well as newspapers and late-night television.

It’s all just a lot of noise to gloss over the very real flaws of all of the Democratic front-runners and preemptively fire up the Excuse Machine for Elizabeth Warren’s eventual loss in 2020. Blaming it on some mystical Twitter hype machine rather than the fact that many Americans are uncomfortable with the fringe socialist bent of the Democratic Party keeps them from looking in the mirror and seeing something they don’t like.

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The Kruiser Kabana

Friends, amirite?

Occasional reminder that Mel Brooks is the good kind of insane:

Some pie would be nice.

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