The Morning Briefing: Media Whiffs Another Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Leftists

In unison now: The American Left has lost its mind. Sure, we’ve been saying that for a while now, but — and this is almost impressive — it keeps getting worse.


Their inability to let anything go has become pathological. We’re a little over a year out from the next presidential election and they are still in the corner having a pants-wetting tantrum about the last one.

Clinton imp Robert Reich penned an op-ed over the weekend that actually lamented the fact that they haven’t been able to use impeachment or the 25th Amendment to throw the president out of office and the country into crisis, arguing that we will now have to rely on — THE HORROR! — winning an election.

Not that they have any real respect for the election process, that is.

The latest trip by the Democrats and their media flacks into Bizarro World occurred over the weekend when — in less than forty-eight hours — they did a full-on press to resurrect the smears against Brett Kavanaugh that failed to derail his appointment to the Supreme Court last year.

The trip down Bad Memory Lane began with a “News Analysis” article in the New York Times that needed to have an editor’s note added to it a day later because it left out a very important fact: that the woman being profiled had no recollection whatsoever of Kavanaugh doing anything to her.


The abundance of nothing didn’t stop Fauxcahontas from offering a prime example of why she should never be elected president:


The “I” word was being thrown around a lot regarding Kavanaugh after the article was posted. The Hive Mind does coordinate its efforts rather quickly in situations like this. As is the case with the president, there is no basis at all for impeaching Justice Kavanaugh. It’s another insane liberal fantasy and it’s being given credibility by a United States senator.

The book that got all of this hoopla going over the weekend was written by — grab your shocked faces — two reporters from the New York Times.

How awful is the book? It got panned in a review by…the New York Times.

The constant attempts at disruption are an integral part of the liberal playbook, despite their insistence that it’s all about Trump. They will try to delegitimize every election they lose. Impeachment will always be the talk of Liberal Land. Anonymously sourced stories that create chaos for a news cycle or two, then disappear forever, will be weaponized.

These are totalitarian tactics, aimed at creating a one-party state.

Change my mind.

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