Democrats Heartbroken Because Abortion Didn't Come Up in Last Debate

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So much for “safe, legal, and rare” when it comes to Democrats and abortion. Along with the climate hoax, the issue has become a boilerplate component of the party’s fear-mongering one-two punch. There weren’t any questions asked about it in Thursday night’s debate, and that greatly displeased some people.


Panderer in-chief Mayor Pete made sure he exhibited the requisite male feminist panic over the fact that they’d dropped the ball on mentioning their favorite activity:

I almost miss the days when Democrats would at least put a little effort into the talking points that they would employ to lie about Republicans. “Reproductive freedom” is so stupid it makes you wonder how any of them got out of the third grade. Nobody on the Right is threatening to keep women from reproducing.

That’s actually more of a leftist thing.

Kamala Harris was the first of the candidates on stage Thursday to bring it up after the debate, probably because she was sad that no one was paying any attention to her:


Other than the opportunity to engage in the aforementioned fear-mongering, there really is no reason for abortion questions to be part of a Democratic primary debate. The candidates are attempting to point out differences among themselves to win the nomination. Because she doesn’t support abortion being legal until the child is old enough to go to college, Tulsi Gabbard is the only one left in the Democratic field who has a different opinion, and she wasn’t in the last debate. The candidates who were on stage are all abortion zealots. We know that.

We have arrived at the point in this process where the remaining candidates are going to have to distinguish themselves with different policy plans. The Democrats are a hive mind, there isn’t a lot of differentiation on the issues because that just isn’t allowed over there. Each needs to do more than just whine and lie about Republicans.

The policy lightweights — which describes almost the entire field — are going to want the climate and abortion crutches to lean on.

CNN and The New York Times will be hosting the next debate, and it will be interesting to see if they get to an abortion question quickly because the DNC wants to make sure one of its pet issues is front and center again. We already know that the Times takes editorial direction from the Democrats and CNN is, well, CNN.


The Democrats certainly don’t have to worry about anything when the general election debates roll around. Every other question will probably be about “reproductive rights” then, even during the foreign policy debate.


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