The Morning Briefing: Trump-Hater Hits Wall Street Statue with Banjo Edition

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I Blame Fauxcahontas

Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t pose the risk of becoming a global pandemic, thanks to the fact that it’s an opt-in condition. The symptoms, however, seem to be worsening by the day.


From The New York Times:

The piercing noise of metal striking metal echoed through Wall Street just after noon on Saturday: A man was battering the bronze, 7,000-pound Charging Bull statue with a makeshift metal banjo.

“He just started wilding out, hitting the bull over the head,” a witness, Luis Cruz, 53, said on Sunday. “And every time he would bang it, he would say the same thing over and over.” Mr. Cruz said the man was cursing President Trump as he swung the banjo. The police said he was screaming and ranting about God.

Not just a banjo, dear readers, but a makeshift metal banjo. That added a little something extra to it for me.

You know, with the way Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders constantly rail against Wall Street, it was only a matter of time before someone snapped and attacked. Thank God, the Trump Derangement types tend to be paste-eaters, so this one went after a sculpture of a bull.

Because the world is insane, the damaged bull is already a tourist attraction, being pointed out to tourists who are passing by on double-decker buses.

Let all of us who have never let our politics drive us to the assault of inanimate objects congratulate one another. Let us also hope we get sent to the same re-education camps if these idiots win again.

Take a Hike, Loser

Mark Sanford is the latest Republican who hopes to get a book deal, along with an invite to a Trump-hate threesome with Joe Scarborough and Mrs. Morning Joe by issuing a primary “challenge” to the president.


Yeah, that Mark Sanford. The guy who bailed on his wife and the state he was governing at the time to have an affair with his mistress, thinks he’s just the man to bring America back from the abyss.

I will give Sanford this, he’s got more personality than William Weld, but then so does my dirty laundry. He’s also slightly less borderline psychotic than Joe Walsh, who is probably rehearsing his inauguration speech while wearing nothing but a Speedo in front of his bedroom mirror as you read this.

I haven’t quite decided if it’s wearisome or amusing watching the media give attention to these Republicans who they no doubt find loathsome. Weld is more palatable to them than the other two, but his coma-inducing personality doesn’t make for good TV.

The upside to Sanford’s moment in the sun is that we are being given a temporary reprieve from Joe Walsh’s insufferable posturing and pontificating about the existential threat that the anti-Trump people so desperately want us to believe the president poses.

Let the “Scaramucci is running” watch begin.

Early Christmas Present

Russia is accusing Facebook and Google of election interference.

You’re welcome.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

A little bit of Benadryl and this…

Start your week off with this gem — Shandling’s first Tonight Show appearance:

Monday is a state of mind. It also has a modern invention known as “happy hour.”

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