The Morning Briefing: CNN Is the GOP's New Best Friend

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These freakin’ guys…

It is probably a given that most of us are well past the point of taking anything that goes on at CNN seriously. The network unwittingly redefines self-parody every day in the Trump era. Some are infuriated by the daily clown show, some of us are mildly entertained watching them being triggered by the president.


CNN may be trying to destroy President Trump and the Republican party along with him, but they have become such a rabidly ideological clown show that they may now be helping.

It was this bit from yesterday’s Briefing that got me thinking:

The more time I spent on Thursday reading about the climate crazy town hall, the more it became apparent why the DNC twice put the kibosh on the idea of a primary debate focused solely on climate change. There is a stark difference between the repetition of brief, rehearsed campaign talking points in controlled situations and giving the candidates extended time to let their fascist freak flags fly in a live setting.

If the Democrats are interested in winning back the disaffected voters in middle America that they lost in 2016, they’re probably not going to do it by having Kamala Harris propose a police state, Bernie Sanders advocate for more abortion, or Mayor Pete condemn burger eaters, all to showcase their concern for Mother Earth.

As if it wanted to give the Republicans an extra assist, CNN decided to fact-check the town hall. It wasn’t all pretty.

The climate loon special was enough of an in-kind contribution from CNN to Trump 2020, but the network isn’t done with its generosity:


If threatening to jail them for using the wrong kind of straw doesn’t win back the hearts and votes of Chuck and Marge in Ohio, a night with the candidates talking about letting four-year-old kids choose their genders from a menu of seventy-two flavors during an LGBTQ town hall should certainly do the trick.

Flyover country may very well be awash in rainbow flags by election day.

It’s been said by many that all the Democrats have to do is not act insane. Well, that’s out the window. Now, thanks to CNN, American voters are getting an extra glimpse or two of the insanity. The ratings may be low for these events, but the video for social media and the RNC to use to mock them will be hanging around.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana


This may not be keto-friendly but there are cheat days and I’m of Polish descent and OMG IT’S A PICKLE PIZZA:

A little classic Charlie Daniels is always good weekend music.

TGIF. Add an extra dash of mirth to everything you do this weekend. Or vodka. Mirthka.

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