Petition to Let Joe Rogan Moderate a Presidential Debate Is What America Needs

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On the surface, this may seem like a stunt. Someone created a petition to lobby the Commission on Presidential Debates to get Joe Rogan to moderate a debate, which would be a welcome relief from the mainstream media hacks who are tasked with boring us to tears with Democratic Party propaganda.


The petition makes a good case for Rogan as moderator:

1. Joe Rogan is a widely respected host who has hosted interviews with politicians, economists, scientists, and other popular figures, who come from various walks of life.

2. Joe Rogan has experience with interviewing both progressive and conservative thinkers. Figures such as Andrew Yang (D), Tulsi Gabbard (D), Kyle Kulinski (D), Gary Johnson (L), Benjamin Shapiro (R), and Candace Owens (R), have all appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” program.

3. Joe Rogan has an audience containing viewers from all areas of the political spectrum. Joe Rogan is not registered under any political party and is well-known for having civil, productive, and interesting, conversations about political issues without partisan bias.

Rogan’s politics are a bit of a throwback — he would have made a great Democrat in the 1970s. He isn’t coy about them, but he also doesn’t let them infect his questioning of politicians.

One area of true bipartisan consensus in America is the acknowledgment that our presidential campaigns are horrifically long. We don’t seem to be moving in a direction that would truncate these mind-numbing slogs, so why not look for ways to mix them up and make them more interesting?


The mainstream media news organizations don’t moderate primary and general election debates — they cheerlead for the Democrats. (Don Lemon was a particular embarrassment in the recent CNN-hosted Democratic primary debates.)

We are two decades into the 21st century now, it is beyond time to let new media into the criminally boring presidential debate process. At the very least, it may disrupt the left-wing propaganda machine. At best, almost any fresh perspective would make the debates more watchable.

Rogan spent a lot of time working the ultra-hyped UFC broadcasts. Ironically, the MSM organizations have been adopting sports broadcast-type hype to make the debates more entertaining to non-political people.

It’s been a disaster.

Rogan could actually bring a lot of the sports hype audience to debate-watching without all of the sports-style hype. His podcast interview style is thoughtful and often quite serious.

Weird world, huh?

Bear in mind that I am advocating for this as one who writes about politics when I’m not on stage talking about my failed relationships to audiences full of strangers. I have to watch the debates. Sure, there’s remuneration involved but it’s still less pleasant than an un-anesthetized visit to the dentist.


Sign the petition.

No more Don Lemons.


Here are some highlights from recent Joe Rogan Experience podcasts (LANGUAGE WARNING):


Stephen Kruiser is the author ofDon’t Let the Hippies ShowerandStraight Outta Feelings: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage,” both of which address serious subjects in a humorous way. Monday through Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.”


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