WaPo: Texans' Loyalty to Beto Has 'Vanished As Quickly as Beto-Mania'

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Tough times these days for the one-time mainstream media Prince of Everything, Beto O’Rourke:


The Washington Post:

Just nine months ago, attorney Katie Baron was so inspired by Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign in Texas that she commissioned a sprawling mural on the side of a building in east Austinfeaturing the candidate in a Superman-like pose.

After O’Rourke lost race and began mulling a presidential campaign, the artist added a sweeping “2020” in blue paint — providing what seemed to be yet one more call for O’Rourke to get into the crowded race.

Now, four months into O’Rourke’s campaign, Baron wishes he had stayed out.

Welcome to the perils of getting swept up in a media cult of personality, which Democrats are very fond of doing.

It was easy for them all to love the wet sock Beto when he was only being compared to Ted Cruz, who is basically Darth Vader to them. Once O’Rourke was being compared to more accomplished Democrats his host of flaws began revealing themselves to those who once loved him.

It is an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation that those of us on the other side of the aisle knew would happen as soon as Beto was dumb enough to think that people wanted him to be president.


The only diversity cred that O’Rourke needed in his failed Senate bid was being a Democrat in Texas. He never stood a chance against the stricter identity politics checklist that is being applied by Democrats to the 2020 field.

Ms. Baron has moved on from Beto:

“If the primary vote was tomorrow, he wouldn’t have my vote,” said Baron, 35, who likes Harris (D-Calif.) for her sharp intellect and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her methodical policy papers.

So…one is smarter and one is deeper, got it.

She also remains rather clueless:

“Being part of the Beto-mania that was fueling the fire, I can see why he kind of thought he had no choice but to enter,” she said. “Honestly, I did get a little caught up. We were still riding the wave of the midterms.”

Beto drowned in that wave, but that doesn’t matter. The media spent months celebrating him and fellow losers Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum. In fact, Abrams is still constantly in the news.

The media didn’t abandon O’Rourke right away. They were in a lather when he first announced, chronicling his every movement and utterance for the first couple of days.


That died rather quickly, and the MSM turned their longing gazes to Mayor Pete.

Beto is a never-was who the media tried to make into something because they believe they can soon turn Texas blue. He’s Wendy Davis without the pumps.

The MSM will continue to try and manufacture phenoms out of thin air and, bless their hearts, Democrats will be stupid enough to buy the illusions.

O’Rourke seems to finally know that he and his fifteen seconds of political fame are up. His campaign antics have been reduced to flailing and one can almost smell the flop sweat when reading about them.

Six months from now the once Future of the Democratic Party will be a third-tier contributor on MSNBC.

A year from now his name will be be “Beto Who?”


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