Buttigieg Flails at Pence Again in Imaginary War with VP

Rev. Al Sharpton and Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Lunch at Sylvia's Restaurant (Mpi43/MediaPunch /IPX via AP)

Little Mayor Pete is at it again, saying that Vice President Mike Pence can’t “bring himself to say that it shouldn’t be legal to discriminate against” gay people.


As Beto O’Rourke’s replacement in the hearts of America’s mainstream media, all Buttigieg has to do at the moment is get out of bed to get all of the free publicity.

Like O’Rourke before him, he is too stupid to just enjoy the bounty and let his campaign ride along on it. He thinks he needs to find a niche.

The Gay Card it is then.

As Rahm Emanuel recently pointed out, the press is already paying plenty of attention to Buttigieg’s sexuality. Mayor Pete doesn’t need to help them.

A lot of centrists have been trying to like Buttigieg. I know quite a few moderate Republicans who have had nice things to say about him (I know, I know…but that’s a column for another time).

What they don’t understand is that there is only one candidate among the 6,497 Democrats running who is even looking at the center, and he happens to have once been the vice president of this great country. Sure, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep may only be gazing at the center because he sees some women he wants to grope, but hey, at least he’s paying attention.

Rather than court the center, Buttigieg has decided to join the race to the far left and he sees the Gay Card as being the thing that will separate him from the “free stuff for everyone” crowd.


The centerpiece of his “gayer-than-thou” approach to winning the primaries has been an ongoing war with Vice President Pence. One that Pence isn’t participating in, by the way.

In the minds of the LGBT activist crowd, Mike Pence is some sort of unholy avenging angel who spends his every waking moment smiting gay people because he’s a devout Christian.

Like most Christians, the vice president is personally opposed to same-sex marriage.

I say ” personally” because same-sex marriage has been legal in all 50 states for almost four years, including the last year and a half of Pence’s tenure as Indiana’s governor.

He’s not exactly disrupting the lives of America’s gay population.

Here is the crux of Mayor Pete’s imaginary Social Justice War:

When asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt whether he really believes that Pence is “homophobic,” the South Bend, Ind., mayor said that the vice president has pushed policies that hurt the gay community.

“He advances homophobic policies,” Buttigieg, who is openly gay, said of the former Indiana governor in the interview. “I don’t know what’s in his heart.”

“Look at the fact that he, to this day, cannot bring himself to say that it shouldn’t be legal to discriminate against people who are gay, or that I should have been allowed to serve and put my life on the line in the military, as I was, even though he said very nice things about my service,” the Afghanistan War veteran added.


My takeaway there is that Buttigieg “cannot bring himself to say” that Pence is homophobic.

Pence is the vice president. He isn’t advancing any policies anywhere. He’s attending meetings and political functions in lieu of the president.

Mike Pence doesn’t go around badmouthing gay people.

Pence’s biggest crime at the moment, according to Buttigieg, is that he won’t become a vocal champion for the LGBT cause.

You will be made to care.

If anyone out there believes that Buttigieg and other LGBT activists will be finally happy if Pence says what they insist he say, I would suggest heading to an emergency room to undergo testing for a concussion.

Buttigieg and Company have spent so much effort unfairly demonizing Pence that there is virtually nothing that the vice president could say or do that would satisfy them. Pence could spend the rest of his life marching in every Pride parade that is logistically feasible for him to attend and they’d still complain.

Mayor Pete will undoubtedly continue this tantrum that he views as a battle.

He will also undoubtedly blame “homophobia” for his eventual exit from the race.

We have all read this story before.


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