6-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Made $11 Million Reviewing Toys

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Most of us probably don’t remember what we used to do for fun when we were six years old — it was a simpler time then, after all. Chances are, however, that it involved more mess-making than profit-taking.


The 21st century has opened up new ways of making money to almost everyone, even really young children.

The Washington Post has a story about some enterprising parents and their adorable son leveraging YouTube to become millionaire toy reviewers.

The boy’s screen (not real) name is Ryan and his parents had a simple, but ultimately genius, idea: make videos of Ryan playing with toys and post them to YouTube. His reactions would be the “reviews” that other parents could use as reference points.

We can pause for a “Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?” moment here if needed.

They have been doing this since Ryan was three years old and the Post says Forbes ranked him number 8 in a new list of highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs. His reviews brought in $11 million between June 2016 and June 2017.

Yes, that’s eleven million American dollars.

It makes sense really. What better way to judge the worth of a toy than to see the reaction playing with it inspires in a kid? Who cares what the parents think?

The kid gets monster traffic, obviously. Here is a video that was just posted yesterday and has over 800K views already. Enjoy.



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