Hillary's Media Criticisms Are a Perfect Snapshot of Why She Lost

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s book tour is barely underway and it is already revealing just how much the Electoral College helped the United States dodge a bullet last year. She’s hurling out blame at an astonishing rate. One second it’s Matt Lauer’s fault. The next, Bernie Sanders is the culprit. When she pauses the blame litany for a brief moment, she’s mad at Ivanka Trump.


If she hasn’t blamed or complained about you yet, just wait a day or two, she’ll get to you.

The inability to articulate any flaws of her own is certainly a component in why she lost. She’s imperious, entitled, and thinks she’s owed the presidency because she stayed with Bubba when he publicly humiliated her.

But it is her bizarre assessment of the media’s role in her loss that really shows how out of touch with reality she is.

In her new book, Hillary Clinton says many political reporters “can’t bear to face their own role in helping elect Trump, from providing him free airtime to giving my emails three times more coverage than all the issues affecting people’s lives combined.”

She believes the media playing field was tipped in Donald Trump’s favor during the campaign.

And she thinks there should be more liberal-leaning shows and publications to counteract a right-wing media apparatus that she calls “propaganda.”

It takes an extraordinary leap of one’s imagination to find any way that the media helped Trump. Yes, he was very good at getting himself free air time, but it wasn’t always friendly air time.

Make no mistake: with the exception of a few people at Fox News, and for a little while Joe Scarborough, the MSM was keenly focused on derailing Trump’s candidacy. Unless you’re a firm believer that even negative publicity is good publicity, the notion that the media was aiding Trump is the babbling of an insane woman.


As for the email scandal, it remained a scandal because…it was scandalous. There is also the fact that her various excuses kept being proven wrong. She thought it should go away simply because she wanted it to go away.

Other than The New York Times–which actually did some good reporting on the issue–most media outlets wrote or spoke about the emails in a subtly biased, almost dismissive way that made it seem like the message was coming straight from Clinton campaign headquarters.

There is a great myth among sheltered liberals that a powerful right-wing media machine that dwarfs the left exists. That Hillary is parroting this nonsense just shows that she really isn’t much of an original thinker.

Conservatives have FNC, talk radio, and a good online presence. All are media that is consumed only by conservatives.

Liberals have CNN, MSNBC, the three broadcast networks’ evening newscasts, Good Morning America, the Today show, CBS This Morning and all of Hollywood.

When reporters aren’t shilling for the Dems, your friendly neighborhood sitcom or network drama is dropping liberal propaganda like f-bombs at an Eminem concert.

The media landscape isn’t just dominated by Democrats, liberals and liberal propaganda, it is polluted by it.


The MSM not only wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, they expected it too. This past season of Showtime’s Homeland was written ahead of time with an obvious belief that America would have its first female president.

It was also unwatchable.

If Hillary Clinton truly believes that the thoroughly Democrat-friendly media was complicit in getting Trump elected, she is going to be seeing enemies everywhere. What the MSM really did was work overtime to prop up a thoroughly unlikable candidate.

She just doesn’t know that she’s that candidate.


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