Pop-Up Restaurant With Cheetos-Themed Menu to Open for 3 Days in Manhattan

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Let’s do this.

For folks who just can’t control their cravings for Cheetos, a pop-up restaurant in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan could be your heaven – or hell.

The by-reservation-only pop-up is called the Spotted Cheetah, which will serve several cheesy concoctions for three days only: August 15, 16, and 17.

Spiky white-haired Chef Anne Burrell is the creative force behind the odd menu, which includes Cheetos-Infused Meatballs, Cheetos-Dusted Fried Green Tomatoes, and Cheetos Mac and Cheese.


The pressing question here is–WHY ONLY THREE DAYS? Just look at this stuff:

I know what you’re thinking–I’m a health nut.

Cheetos are one of my few junk snack food weaknesses, and the thought of them in tacos or meatballs has me checking airfare from Los Angeles to New York, even if the reservations are full.

I will find a way.

If, for some reason, they decide to find a permanent home for this menu I may consider relocating to an environment that has winter.


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