Jeff Flake Is Filling in for John McCain as a Liberal Media Darling

Sen. Jeff Flake

John McCain has relished his “Maverick” label ever since the leftmedia warmed up to him after his failed 2000 presidential run. He began flirting with the Democrats after that, and the love affair was on. The MSM adores nothing more than a Republican politician who will gleefully attack other Republicans.


McCain is at home in Arizona to begin cancer treatment after once again making the Democrats and their mouthpieces in the MSM swoon for him by delivering his biggest back-stab to his own party yet. The media types who hate Trump and Republicans may have been forlorn about missing their favorite useful idiot, but they’ve almost been immediately rescued by the junior senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake.

The aptly named Flake just wrote a book titled “Conscience of a Conservative” and if that sounds familiar, it’s because Barry Goldwater wrote it first. The Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell is the son of the man who ghost-wrote Goldwater’s book and he is not amused:

Now Flake is making the promotional rounds and the MSM stalwarts just want to gobble up the adorable little Trump-basher. The media feeds I follow on Twitter looked like The Jeff Flake Show today. Here are just a few examples.

From ABC:

CNN seems to have a bit of a crush after Flake joined Morning Joe’s Hair and Madame Mika:


And what is a day of GOP useful idiot-hood that doesn’t include a trip to hang out with Tingles on MSNBC?

His dance card is certainly full.

What’s galling to many of my conservative friends in my native Arizona is that Flake has been a little too cozy with McCain since he got to Washington. They were hoping for the un-Maverick, and they’ve basically gotten Maverick Lite. My closest friends there who voted for him are all disappointed.

What’s even more galling to those of us who grew up in Barry Goldwater’s Arizona is Flake’s none-too-subtle implication that he is somehow picking up Goldwater’s mantle of conservatism. He’s got an ego that’s really out of sync with his accomplishments.

And he couldn’t even think of an original title for his book.


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