Cosby Inspires Change in California Sexual Assault Law

(AP Photo/Joe Marquette)

Via The Wrap:

A bill partially inspired by the sexual assault allegations against scandal-plagued comedian Bill Cosby was signed into law on Wednesday by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

The law, titled SB 813, will eliminate the statute of limitations for rape and sexual assault in the state.

A number of Cosby’s accusers testified before the California Legislature to support the bill, dubbed the Justice for Victims Act, before it made its way to Brown’s desk.

The statute of limitations for felony sex crimes in California has typically been 10 years.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents those accusers and met with key Brown advisors about the bill, hailed Brown’s decision to sign the bill into law.


It may be indicative of the times we live in, or just a California thing, that it took a celebrity scandal to inspire a change in the law that most people probably support. It’s easy to say, “Better late than never,” but that doesn’t really help the victims of rape or sexual assault.

Of course, Governor Brown has also signed numerous anti-gun bills that greatly diminish a woman’s ability to protect herself from attackers.



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