Bye-Bye Scary Lucy: New Statue Unveiled in Lucille Ball's Hometown

From The Hollywood Reporter:

There’s a new Lucy in town.

Lucille Ball’s hometown of Celoron, NY is welcoming a brand new bronze statue of the actress on Saturday, Aug. 6 and sculptor Carolyn Palmer is anxiously anticipating how her statue will be received.

“I’ve lived and breathed every second of Lucy for the last nine months,” Palmer tells The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the unveiling Saturday (Aug. 6), which would have been Ball’s 105th birthday. Palmer’s statue is replacing a previous statue, which was nicknamed “Scary Lucy” and frightened residents so much they petitioned to get it removed.

Palmer’s version Ball stands proudly on her Hollywood star, clad in a polka-dot dress, pearls and heels with her hair curly and coiffed. The sculptor said the statue is a total of 7 feet tall in its entirety. She said she contemplated making the statue even taller, but she “didn’t want [Ball] so unaccessible to the public.”


If Palmer had it in her all along I’m not really sure what happened with the first one, because that thing was hideous. The new one is a delight:

(Katrina Fuller/Jamestown Post Journal via AP)

(Katrina Fuller/Jamestown Post Journal via AP)

It is very refreshing to see someone own up to a mistake and work hard to correct it. Now that their long local nightmare is over, Lucy’s hometown can get back to properly honoring one of the biggest legends in the history of show business.

As for the old “Scary Lucy” statue, my friend Ed Morrissey had the Tweet of the Day about that:

So long, Karl.


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