MSM Continues to Unwittingly Create Sympathy for Trump

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Stop embarrassing yourselves.

Although he’s almost a decade shy of the voting age, Micah St. George has a message he’s anxious to deliver to the Republican National Committee: Please don’t nominate Donald Trump for president.

A soon-to-be fourth grader in Newton, Massachusetts, Micah is the co-founder of Kids Against Trump, a group that started with a paper petition passed around the playground at Angier Elementary, a K-6 school in a bucolic suburb just west of Boston.

The idea for the petition started in February after some of Trump’s speeches. The candidate’s words troubled Micah on two levels. First of all, there were Trump’s disparaging comments about women, Muslims, and immigrants. Micah was adopted from Guatemala as an infant, and he has two moms. So it felt to Micah like Trump was attacking his family and friends.

But another thought stuck with Micah: I can understand everything he’s saying.

“He’s talking on my level—I’m 9 years old, ” Micah says. “That’s not okay.”

Micah’s friend and classmate Alexis Fridman—who started the original recess petition with him and is the other co-founder of Kids Against Trump—put it another way: “If I talked like Donald Trump, I’d get sent to the principal’s office immediately.”


Here’s a pic of the liberal human shields budding activists:
Atlantic Kids Against Trump

Bless their hearts, but the Democrat Media Complex has been doing things a certain way for so long they’re purely reflexive now and don’t realize that the old rules have been flipped. It’s customary at this point in a presidential election cycle to ramp up the demonizing of the GOP nominee. This isn’t something unique to Trump or 2016. It’s just what they do.

Every day now, I meet or talk to people who really never wanted to vote for Trump but are so put off by media nonsense like this article that they are warming up to him. For people paying attention, Trump does a great job alienating people on his own. The media, however, is so loathsome that they can alienate people even more. That, of course, has been part of what’s fueled the enthusiasm of the hardcore Trump supporters.

These kids weren’t sitting around listening to Trump speeches. There is a very real possibility that both of these kids is separated by only one or two degrees from a Democrat activist. So their parents are teaching them to lie to help achieve mommy and daddy’s political ends. The media then celebrates them for being liars.

I’m no Trump fan, but if this country is truly doomed I will be the first to admit that it isn’t his fault.




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