NBC: Real Problem with These Tragedies Are Trump's Tweets or Something

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This is a cry for help from a once proud news organization.

Trump’s real-time Twitter reaction to tragedy offers a rare and telling glimpse into the mind of the candidate. Tragedy after tragedy, Trump has quickly pivoted from the appearance of mourning to self-aggrandizement or petty attacks.


First, as Trump is rarely reticent about saying whatever is bubbling in his brain at any given moment, glimpses into his mind aren’t exactly “rare.” That’s just a hack journo attempting to seem deep.

It is true that Trump’s approach to social media is rather revolutionary for a politician. I have said on several occasions that his Twitter presence in this election will be studied in political science classes in years to come. Most other politicians have staffers doing little more than pithy press releases on Twitter. When the candidate does speak, it’s usually a sanitary remark that’s obviously been run through several layers of filtering.

Donald Trump hasn’t been within sniffing distance of a filter once this past year.

What really irks the media types is that Trump pats himself on the back for actually calling Islamic terrorists what they are. Deep in the recesses of their untalented, partisan leftist brains, they know that this will resonate, so they have to make it seem like it’s a bad thing when he does. NBC also seems upset that Trump tweets about other things, some of which seem petty. His real sin is that he doesn’t wring a tragedy for all of its publicity worth, which is what Democrats do.


These idiots in the press are so egregiously biased that they may start moving some people who aren’t exactly thrilled with Trump into his corner.

There is nothing wrong with Trump campaigning and attacking opponents on Twitter in the aftermath of a tragedy. That is, after all, exactly what Democrats do under the guise of reverence and concern, which people are buying less and less.


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