Belgian Brewery Builds Beer Pipeline to Keep Trucks Off of Streets

Happy Monday.

A brewery in Belgium is constructing an underground pipeline which will transport its product three kilometres out of the city centre to a bottling facility outside of town.

“We don’t want too many trucks in our centre, but we like to have our own brewery” Renaat Landuyt, mayor of Bruges tells As It Happens host Carol Off.

“The solution is, ‘Let’s have a pipeline under the ground.'”

Bruges is a medieval city that has very narrow streets. The popular brewery’s trucks often clog up the roads. According to the Wall Street Journal, the owner of the brewery got the idea to create a pipeline after seeing some workmen dig up the street to lay cable.


When you get your priorities right, solutions to problems present themselves. I think Aristotle said that.

Some wealthy people collect cars, others art or houses. When I finally get flush with cash, I’m going to check into getting a beer pipeline to my house.

That doesn’t seem to be an option for this particular pipeline at the moment, however:

A local television show floated the idea that residents would be able to tap into the beer pipeline in their homes, but Landuyt laughs that off.

“That’s not a rumour, that’s a dream. For the moment, it’s not possible.”

A dream, indeed, and one I will keep on dreaming.


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