Will Zika Ruin the Olympics?

(AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

Via NPR:

Amir Attaran, a professor in the School of Public Health and the School of Law at the University of Ottawa, isn’t afraid to take a bold stand.

He has written a commentary for the Harvard Public Health Review, published this week, with the headline, “Why Public Health Concerns for Global Spread of Zika Virus Means that Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympic Games Must Not Proceed.”

The World Health Organization is soon expected to release a statement with guidance on travel to the Olympics.


The professor’s not suggesting canceling the games, just moving or postponing them.

The idea isn’t exactly outlandish. Major League Baseball announced that a two game series between the Pirates and the Marlins scheduled to be played in Puerto Rico would be relocated to Miami due to fears about Zika.


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