Koch Brothers Launch Initiative Targeting Social Issues

Via Reuters:

Billionaires Charles and David Koch, the Republican brothers who are a driving force behind conservative politics and election financing, are launching a new group to target social issues such as poverty and education, USA Today reported on Friday.

Organizers said the goal is to raise $15 million this year for the group, which aims to partner with private organizations to tackle problems such as poverty, gang violence and repeat criminal offenders through grants or other investments, the newspaper said.

The five-person group, called Stand Together, plans to reveal more details about its plans at an annual gathering near Palm Springs, California, of hundreds of Koch donors that is scheduled to open on Saturday, USA Today said, citing interviews with the group’s leaders.


The Koch brothers have been very reluctant to back a candidate for 2016, seemingly growing weary of putting too much faith in individuals anymore. I heard an interview earlier in the week that Charles Koch did with NPR and he said something along the lines of “the Democrats have us on the road to serfdom going 100 MPH, and the Republicans are doing the same thing, just at 70 MPH.” Putting it mildly, he didn’t sound like a man who thought the political status quo could achieve anything helpful.

It will be interesting to see how they will map out a plan to use private resources for public good, as they are veterans of political struggles of all kinds.

It will also be interesting to see how much the MSM types who love to portray them as evil will ignore this.


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