Laughable: Detroit Unions Testify That They Could Have Avoided Bankruptcy

Tonight’s fairy tale

Detroit’s unions called witnesses on Monday to testify that the city does not belong in bankruptcy including representatives of a union and retirees who said a negotiated settlement of the city’s debts had been possible before it filed for bankruptcy in mid-July.

The testimony at the city’s bankruptcy eligibility hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court followed an appearance by Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s state-appointed emergency manager. Orr added further nuance to the question of whether a bankruptcy filing might violate pension protections enshrined in Michigan’s state constitution.


So after being central to the problem for forty years they’re saying they were willing to turn on a dime? And if they can’t convince anyone of that they want to prove this ruination is protected by the Michigan constitution?

They better sell that snake oil before the entire states of California and Illinois blow it out of the water.



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