GOP House: The MSM's Built-In Excuse For The Miserable Failure Of All Things Obama

Sure, that’s the problem.

Barack Obama flew to Knox College in his political home state of Illinois to deliver a ballyhooed economic speech Wednesday afternoon on the plight of the hard-knocks middle class.

After 10 fingers worth of presidential pivots on the economy, Obama promised that this was the final pivot, the one that would define his second term. The president boldly announced that he intends “to use every minute of the 1,276 days remaining in my term to make this country work for working Americans again.”

There is only one problem – the next 1,276 days are apt to be a portrait in presidential frustration because of something called the Republican House. Sure, Obama confidently proclaimed, “Some [ideas] will require Congress and some I will pursue on my own.” But (shocking revelation ahead) anything major in government requires money – and that requires the approval of House Speaker John Boehner and company.


If, as a human with a functioning brain, you’ve ever wondered why the media hive mind in America never seems to see anything but shimmering perfection when they look at The Idiot King, this is it. Try as he might, his benevolence and perfection aren’t allowed to fully blossom because, darn it, the United States hasn’t gone the Soviet Politburo way yet.

Even while admitting that the president’s focus on ramming the health care monster down our throats while ignoring the economy so upset the American people that it brought on the ass-whoopin’ that gave Republicans control of the House, the author still acts like it’s all the GOP’s fault that his other unpopular ideas don’t get any traction.

Of course, the president knows this and throws an “Obstructionist GOP!” toddler tantrum almost every time he’s near a microphone.

It’s a lot like blaming one’s parents for all that’s going wrong in life. Even if there is some truth to it, it’s an excuse with a shelf life and a trip to the mirror is in order.



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