Let's Dial The Rubio Derangement Syndrome Down A Notch Or Two

Marco Rubio is one of those politicians who has the gift of freaking out the people in his own party almost as much as he does folks on the other side of the aisle. However, the “OMG-AMNESTY!!!!” panic over Rubio by conservatives is a bit premature. More on that in a moment.


To help comfort everyone, here is Rubio’s crafty attempt to undo the Obamacare nightmare.

On Tuesday morning, Marco Rubio unveiled what he hopes will be America’s 28th constitutional amendment. “If passed by Congress and ratified by the states,” the senator declared, the revision would render it illegal for the federal government to “force citizens to purchase goods or services at the risk of being hit with a tax penalty.” Thus, the People would “reassert constitutionally limited government” in the United States.

Rubio’s amendment is a transparent attempt to repeal Obamacare by the highest means possible. But, more than that, it would serve as a wider prophylactic, contrived to slow the damage that last year’s National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius decision piled on top of 80-odd years of expansionist jurisprudence. Although his project is futile, Rubio’s instinct is admirable.

As symbolic grandstanding goes, it is one of the better attempts at making a point that we have seen in recent years. And it shows that his ideological instincts are still in the right place.


On the immigration front, the senator has signaled that he won’t back the immigration reform he’s become known for if the security provisions are too weak. The lefties are upset and pretending like this is a new position for Rubio, even though it is not.

Marco Rubio has taken on the thankless but necessary task of working with people on the other side of the aisle on an issue that desperately needs to be addressed (I’ve spent my entire life living near that border-trust me) and has few solutions which make even a good number of people happy. Do I love the whole bill? No way. Do I think he’s an ideal conservative? Not always.

But do I live in the real world or an ideological utopia?

Exactly. I’m here for solutions, not fantasy fulfillment.



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