MUST WATCH: New Trump Video Nails What Every Patriot Feels This Morning

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A video appeared on President Donald Trump’s Truth Social Account last night after the news broke about the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago estate. For nearly four minutes, Trump articulates what every American who values Western culture and understands our incredible cultural inheritance is feeling today. It is poignant — and possibly prophetic — since it appears Trump gave the speech earlier.


As you can see from the title, Trump pulls no punches. He accurately chronicles the symptoms of a declining global empire and provides an astounding review of what Democrats have accomplished to diminish us in less than two years. Perhaps even more important, the message speaks to the average American who just wants to provide for his or her family, keep them safe, and pray that there is still some semblance of an American dream for his or her children to grasp.

Just quoting will not do the presentation justice. Watch the full video:

Trump talked about the leading economic indicators signaling that the nation is on the wrong track, America’s return to energy dependence, Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, and the administration’s inability to prevent Putin from invading Ukraine with a backdrop of stunning video clips. Then he delivered the lines that may have been the impetus for releasing it late last night on Truth Social. “We’re a nation that has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party like never before. We’ve never seen anything like this.” Indeed, sir. Indeed.

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Many have pointed out that Hillary Clinton maintained a homebrew server and deleted over 30,000 emails under a subpoena. The “investigation” went on for years with almost no cooperation. It culminated in corrupt former FBI Director James Comey essentially saying she didn’t mean to break the law. Trump got raided by Comey’s old agency because he may have had some boxes that might be classified.


While all of this is true, it doesn’t matter at all. The hypocrisy is the point, and the Left does not care if you notice. The Right has to get over the idea that Democrats are good people with bad ideas. While their ideas, like raising taxes and blowing more cash into an inflationary cycle are truly awful, they are not good people. By now, it should be clear that the unity Joe Biden waxed poetic about during his basement campaign is nothing more than compliance with his failing agenda.

“We are a nation that in many ways has become a joke,” Trump lamented before launching into hope for the future. “It is hard-working patriots like you that built this country and hard-working patriots like you who are going to save our country,” he predicted as the reel turned from black and white to color. After more encouragement, he added, “As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting will not stand even a little chance. Because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God, and God alone. And it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again.”

Yes, it sounds like a campaign launch video. And it probably is. Unfortunately, even Trump may not go far enough in his prescription. It may take more than confidence. It may take belligerence. What will you do when the ATF shows up to check your gun permits? How will you respond to the IRS audit that is undoubtedly coming if your finances prove you are remotely right-leaning? Will you sit in silence as the local school board green lights the sexualization of your children? It is a time for choosing, friends. The Mar-a-Lago raid is a shot over the bow that must be met with a population determined to return to previously accepted norms.


Trump often said the establishment and its attack dogs in the Deep State came after him because he represented his voters. If they can raid his home, they can raid yours, and don’t forget it. The process IS the punishment, and they have bankrupted some wealthy Trump supporters with it in the last six years. They have also jailed some working and poor Americans without charges for over a year because of January 6. The Left has no boundaries and has set the precedent that the law cannot protect you if you are on the wrong side of the political aisle.

Without Republicans willing to use the political power that voters hand them to reverse these trends rather than delay them as they usually do, the decline Trump identified will continue apace. So House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had better be serious as a heart attack when he publicly tells Attorney General Merrick Garland to preserve his documents and clear his calendar. The people who may hand him the majority are. Garland should be in the hot seat right after the investigation into the Biden Crime family commences, starting with the Big Guy himself. And this author wants a well-founded pre-dawn raid or two, just for good measure.


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