North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Deserves to Go Viral Again


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson burst onto the national stage with a viral video defending the right to bear arms. At CPAC 2022 in Orlando, Robinson gave another fiery speech worthy of going viral and had attendees on their feet. Much like fellow national treasure Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), Robinson infuses his remarks with cutting humor that puts an exclamation point on his commentary.


Robinson is an unapologetically proud American who loves God and his country. He believes the right needs to take the power to define us away from the left and their allies in the media.

“Guys, it is time. It is time. And what is the time right now? The time is for patriots in this nation to stand up and reclaim who we are as Americans. To no longer let CNN and ABC and CBS and all those leftists on the other side of the aisle define who we are as Americans, as patriots, as Republicans. The time is now to define ourselves.”

Sage advice, to be sure. More Republicans need to get skillfully confrontational when the media activists ask loaded questions. Turning the tables is a skill, and more conservatives who are willing to appear on CNN or agree to interviews with other corporate media outlets should learn the art of cheerful table flipping.

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One of the most critical topics Robinson addressed was the pandemic and how political leaders managed it. He lamented vaccine mandates that cause regular hardworking people to lose their jobs. In some cases, where it is legal to withhold healthcare based on vaccination status, Robinson noted that vaccine mandates are a life and death issue. He continued:

“COVID is the virus, but you know what the real virus is? The real virus is Democrats. The real virus is totalitarian, leftist thugs who have used this virus to browbeat the American people and have used it for political purposes.”

“Now I am gonna go ahead and stand here and tell you on the stage right now, I am not against the vaccine. I am not smart enough to be against the vaccine. I have no idea what’s in it. I am not here to tell you not to take it and I am not here to tell you to take it. What I am here to tell you is that as an elected official, it’s my job to make sure you get it if you want it.

“But it’s also my job to make sure that if your doctor wants to treat you with ivermectin, that it’s there, ready, and available. And that no medical board, no pharmacist or anybody else has the right to stand between you and your dcotor when it comes to something called medical freedom.”

“That’s your choice, your doctor’s choice, and you should make it. Not the governor, not the mayor or anybody else.”


Robinson is spot on. Elected officials should absolutely facilitate the provision of treatment in an emergency. But no one other than a licensed physician should be practicing medicine. The right to prescribe approved medications lies solely with doctors, and the limits on their prescription rights during the pandemic are unprecedented. Robinson also warned that the authoritarianism state and local governments imposed during the pandemic are only a preview of what is to come if the Left gets total control.

He also tied medical freedom back to the Second Amendment, noting the totalitarian COVID-19 policies in Australia. Robinson also acknowledged the Canadian truckers fighting for medical freedom. Residents of those countries don’t have the God-given right of self-defense. “Now more than ever, it’s being proven that men need the right, people need the right, free people need the right to be able to defend themselves and defend their freedoms.”

Robinson said he was part of the majority in his first viral speech. In his mind, the majority are law-abiding citizens who want the freedom to exercise their rights. As he noted at the time, it is generally the people who follow the rules, work hard, and pay their taxes who get punished as elected leaders try to “solve” problems. The COVID response certainly fits that description.

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Robinson is a true happy warrior whose caustic quips always land. In the full speech, Robinson injected humor and lobbed some rhetorical grenades. His style should put potential political challengers on notice, because he has a way with words. When talking about Canadian truckers, he mentioned Justin Castro, correcting it to Trudeau with comedic timing. Robinson said he doubted 83 million Americans know who Joe Biden is in a discussion about election integrity.

“Joe Biden doesn’t know who Joe Biden is. Joe Biden is an incompetent, incontinent, nitwit who has ruined everything he has touched. From Afghanistan to where you stand. He’s ruined everything he’s touched. If there was ever a time in this country when it was time for us to stand up against the wiles of the federal government, it is now.”

“People ask me why I didn’t run for the Senate. Why I want to stay in North Carolina. Because I need to be there to slam the door in the face of the federal government. That’s what we need to do all across this country.”

Robinson’s first viral speech catapulted him to the Lt. Governor’s office. With any luck, more appearances like the one he gave on Thursday will propel him to the North Carolina Governor’s office and restore North Carolina to the red state it deserves to be.

WATCH Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s full remarks:



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