Democrats in the House Had a Group Therapy Session But They Need a Mirror

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In a significant bit of performance art, Democrats in the House decided to give more airtime to the most self-obsessed member of our government, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Honestly, President Trump has nothing on this young lady on the narcissism scale. Shame on Speaker Nancy Pelosi for allowing it and shame on any member who said nothing about left-wing violence all over his nation over the summer for thinking their tearful testimony meant anything to anyone paying attention.


Ocasio-Cortez organized this time on the floor after she was outed for several inaccuracies in her Instagram storytime regarding her own experience. Pelosi should have given these children some puppies and Play-Doh and told them to go into the Rotunda and reflect on their own behavior this summer. Of course, that would mean the entire Democrat Party, including President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, would have to reflect on their own. Along with the whole corporate media ecosystem.

None of them ever condemned antifa and BLM activists’ violence this summer while cities were burning, and lives were ruined. After CNN commentator Don Lemon said publicly that the riots were hurting Democrats in the polls, Biden gave a tepid statement about political violence, never naming the groups involved in one of the most disgusting displays of bothsidesism ever recorded.

What did Ocasio-Cortez have to say to terrified citizens at the time? Get over it unless you signed up for all of her pet policy preferences:

So, while rioters set buildings on fire, looted businesses, and hurt law-abiding citizens, this was her level of sympathy. To ensure she maintained this kind of progressive credibility, she also let us know how suspicious she was of the Capitol Police officer that came to assist her on January 6th:

“Things weren’t adding up, like there was no partner there and no one was yelling — he wasn’t yelling like, ‘This is Capitol Police! This is Capitol Police!’ And he was looking at me, and all this anger and hostility.”


Forget that the Capitol Police were understaffed and under duress themselves that day, as over 100 were injured and two have died, as Democrats keep bringing up. Odd how they stayed silent when federal officers in Portland were injured nightly as antifa militants tried to blind them with high-powered lasers. Speaker Pelosi called those DHS officers “stormtroopers.” Never mind, at least 700 officers were injured nationwide, including at least two deaths, all while Democrats accused them of being systemically racist.

Perhaps the most galling performance was that of Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who was not even at the Capitol complex during the riot. However, as it was happening, she was emotionally collected enough to respond in her typical profane way:

Yet here she is on the House floor with Ocasio-Cortez needing to keep the spotlight on herself. So much empathy, so much caring:

And of course, here she is advocating the defund police departments earlier this summer:

Even Joe Biden got in on the action following the Capital riots, implying the Capitol Police they now pretend to mourn are racists:


We can tell you that, Joe. BLM protestors were outside the White House for days. In that melee, 60 Secret Service agents and 40 Park Police were injured as they had Molotov cocktails, bricks, rocks, full water bottles, and fireworks hurled at them. Exactly zero protestors were shot or injured by police. A similar story unfolded nationwide this summer as city leaders told police departments to stand down and restricted the means they could use to protect themselves and law-abiding citizens.

And while Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues sit behind razor wire with approximately 6,000 National Guard troops patrolling the area, law-abiding citizens live in fear all over this country. Thanks to Democrats, especially the Squad, police departments all over the country had funding cut or are so demoralized that violent crime rates are soaring:

The local murder increases in 2020 were startling: 95% in Milwaukee, 78% in Louisville, Ky., 74% in Seattle, 72% in Minneapolis, 62% in New Orleans, and 58% in Atlanta, according to data compiled by crime analyst Jeff Asher. Dozens of children, overwhelmingly black, were killed in drive-by shootings. They were slain in their beds, living rooms and strollers. They were struck down at barbecues, in their yards, in malls, in their parents’ cars, and at birthday parties. Fifty-five children were killed in Chicago in 2020, 17 in St. Louis, and 11 in Philadelphia. In South Los Angeles alone, 40 children were shot, some non-lethally, through September.


It would be outstanding if this country had leaders who could act like adults rather than a bunch of coddled undergrads. It would be even better if they took responsibility for the deadly outcome of their rhetoric. The violence is happening in the communities they pretend to care about and killing mostly black and brown children. Until they do, they don’t deserve your respect. And they deserve your pity even less.

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