Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Liberate Red States From Their Suppression

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Everyone’s favorite socialist, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is being ridiculous again. This time she is talking about places she has never been to for any length of time and people she doesn’t know. In a lengthy Instagram post, she decided to opine on what red states needed. If you live in one, especially down south, her commentary is hysterical.


“That southern states are not red states. They are suppressed states. Which means the only way that our country is going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states. The actual liberation of the poor. The actual liberation of working people. From economic, social and racial oppression. That’s the only way.

It’s even funnier if you watch her say it. She’s so earnest and emphatic:

Take some deep breaths and wipe your eyes. Oh, where to begin? Let’s start with southern states being the first ones to reopen their economies and liberate working people. She Guevara doesn’t understand that most people want to work. As Jeffrey Tucker, Editor for the American Institute for Economic Research, noted after visiting Georgia during the holidays:

During my visit to Georgia, I felt indescribable joy just sitting at a bar like a normal person. I asked the bartender what it was like for her to be working rather than locked down, and she proceeded to give an eloquent soliloquy about the value of work. She explained that she had not previously understood how important it was to be valuable to others in a work setting. She loves her customers and it brings joy to her heart to serve them.


Additionally, people are fleeing her home state of New York to go to Florida. In fact, her governor was furious with the Sunshine State for stealing his residents this summer. In Florida, residents keep more of the money they make in their paychecks because Florida does not have an income tax. It is also a state where many Cuban immigrants settle. As Miami Mayor Francis Suarez explained in an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

“Let me tell you, we left Cuba because the Cuban government basically nationalized property, and took away our ability to be productive. And so what’s happening in a lot of these cities across America is people who are the creative class, the innovators, those who create jobs, are fleeing cities that are taxing them to death, that don’t appreciate them and their innovation and what they’ve done to create jobs in their local economy.”

To be clear, residents of New York and former citizens under the thumb of a Communist regime in Cuba flee to this red state. New York lost more residents than any other state in 2020, and even new immigrants are avoiding the state. Residents are also fleeing the other progressive utopia, California, in record numbers. Some of the top destinations for fleeing Golden Staters are the red states of Texas and Tennessee.


Are all of these residents rushing to become more oppressed? Less liberated? That would be an odd way to interpret the data. Not that AOC uses data to support any of her positions. However, these weren’t even her most insane comments. In response to a question from a viewer, she said the following:

I can say, there is absolutely a commission being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory in style rather than “truth and reconciliation,” so I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore, and I do think that several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up media literacy because that is a part of what happened here and we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.

So first, Ocasio-Cortez wants to “liberate” southern states run by Republicans. Then she wants to drag her political opponents in front of a tribunal for some bizarre struggle session. Finally, she wants the government to reign in the media. Quite the little revolutionary there. Fidel Castro would be proud.

Every time she opens her mouth, her complete ignorance of history, economics, and even current events shines through. All we can hope is that Ocasio-Cortez stays the mouthpiece for the House Democrats until 2022 and remains convinced that some large swath of America wants to persecute their political opponents. Until then, she doesn’t need to worry about those red southern states. We’re doing just fine.

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