In 2012, Domino's Pizza Liked a Tweet from Kayleigh McEnany and Now They Must Be Canceled

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Cancel culture has been ramping up. Even the warlord of Seattle’s CHAZ or CHOP or Wokedishu has been accused of homophobic tweets. Enterprising folks taking advantage of a weird cultural moment are scrolling through years-old social media posts to find proof of wrongthink. The latest victim? Domino’s Pizza. Really.


It appears eight years ago the pizza chain’s Twitter account responded to a tweet from President Trump’s current press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Now, while I completely disagree with McEnany’s sentiment here as it is blasphemy, this was tweeted when she was about 24 years old. Looking at the replies you can see just how far Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has gone and just how ridiculous tweet-mining can get:

Sadly, it appears these people are serious. It is a shame modern public education doesn’t encourage people to read for details or context, but maybe some mom and pop pizza joints are going to benefit from the Twitter mob canceling Domino’s.

McEnany has made quite an impression since she took her new job on April 7 of this year. She is smart, articulate, and well prepared. She also regularly makes mincemeat of members of the White House press corps by turning their previous statements and behavior around on them during press conferences.


This has made her nearly as polarizing as her boss. Either you are so disgusted by the reporters in these press briefings that you cheer and smile when McEnany owns them, or you long for the days of stuffy and staid Republicans who would never stoop to such brazen tactics.

As a member of the group that cheers some of the responses, this made me laugh out loud. I am not sure if MSNBC panelist, Lincoln Project leader, and recent Biden endorser Rick Wilson didn’t read for context, but he is certainly one that pines for the days of Romney and Bush:

The #ETTD is short for his book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” Not sure what President Trump had to do with an eight-year-old tweet from Domino’s, but some people have terminal TDS. As you might expect, Wilson’s tweet generated a response.

As always, Charles C. W. Cooke of National Review had some good advice. Clearly, he also reads for context:

Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Duleavy just came across tweets in his timeline, guys. They were memorialized for Wilson:


Which ended up making Jerry laugh out loud:

For her part, McEnany just reiterated her love for chain-restaurant pizza from her personal account. Perhaps the only doubt I harbor about her now is her culinary prowess:

Domino’s summed it up best—it is 2020 and everything is insane and it feels like we are living through it as a dog lives through human years:

If only the original culture warrior had the same thought. Or maybe Domino’s just knows Republicans buy pizza too.


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