Lego Figures Will Outnumber Humans by 2019

Submit, oh helpless humans!  We'll soon outnumber you.

Submit, oh helpless humans! We’ll soon outnumber you.

They told us.  All the greats of science fiction warned us that overpopulation would become a terrible problem.  They were only slightly wrong.  Turns out the problem is not for real humans but only for Lego people.


The Daily mail warns:

Since 1978, millions of tiny plastic people have been populating the Earth.

And now it is predicted that there could be a miniature Lego figure for every person on Earth in 2019.

According to a mathematical online comic, Lego has been making its little people at such a rate that they will outnumber the human population by the end of the decade.

Click through for XKCD’s graphic er… graph of the danger we stand in.  Your daily dose of doom and gloom!

Or, of course, you could be grateful we live in a society that can afford to make that many little toys for the kids to play with.  These “lego people” as they were called in our house, didn’t exist when I was little — of course — but older son had a half dozen of them, whom he treated as designated victims in his car crashes and the collapse of his lego towers.  Younger son had a dozen, and gave them names, and scripted lives for them, including going to work in their lego office and coming home to their lego house.


And I hope society will be wealthy enough to allow my potential, eventual grand-kids to play with them too. A society in which kids have time and toys to enjoy childhood is devoutly to be hoped for.

Like human overpopulation, the dangers of lego-people overpopulation are grossly exaggerated!


Photo Courtesy Shutterstock, © Ritu Manoj Jethani


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