Democrats' Plan for Election 2010: Cheat

Destroying the integrity of U.S. elections has been a longtime project for the far left. For over a decade, elected Democrats have manipulated the American people into believing their counterfeit altruistic intentions to enable more citizens to vote. Though largely flying under the radar, they’ve been looking for ways to use our legislative system to trump up fraudulent votes and their subterfuge knows no boundaries.


In 1993 Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act, commonly called “motor voter.” Under the deception that it would boost voter turnout, the bill laid the foundation for much of the voter fraud we’ve seen over the last 15 years.

Motor voter set stringent provisions and regulations to restrict states’ abilities to remove names from the voter registry. Consequently, people who have died or moved away from many states are still registered to vote there, and many eligible voters are registered multiple times. Several states have more registered voters than actual citizens. For example, Colorado has a million more registered voters than citizens who are eligible to vote. And, at one time, some counties in Missouri had as much as 153% of their population registered to vote.

Although motor voter was signed into law by then-President Bill Clinton, the bill is also tied to our current president. In 1995, then-attorney Barack Obama successfully fought for the law in an Illinois court on behalf of ACORN. Later, in true you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours spirit, ACORN returned the favor, running Obama’s illegal get-out-the-vote campaign that led to his 2008 presidential win. However, the campaign should be best known for prompting investigations of ACORN voter fraud in 13 states.


Even Hillary Clinton suffered the consequences of her husband’s motor voter passage, according to a complaint filed by her 2008 presidential election campaign committee. The complaint accused the Obama campaign of efforts to “manipulate the voter registration process in its own favor.” Other charges were that caucus chairs “deliberately miscounted votes to favor Senator Obama” and that unregistered persons and children’s votes were deliberately counted as Obama votes.

Since the passage of motor voter, liberals have become even more ambitious, attacking the integrity of the election process through the Soros-funded Secretary of State Project (SoSP). Because each state’s SoS is responsible for overseeing elections, leftists believe that if they control the SoS, they control the outcome of the elections. The main goal of the SoSP is to secure the election of far-leftist secretaries of state who have no problem throwing out thousands of Republican votes, while counting votes of the deceased, illegal aliens, and Mickey Mouse instead. And, as a non-federal 527, they can accept unlimited contributions towards their goal.

SoSP has taken credit for bringing into power 11 of their 13 supported secretary of state candidates since 2006. According to the SoSP site, one of those elected, Mark Ritchie, “pulled off a major upset, with [SoSP] support,” and played a decisive role in the Minnesota Franken-Coleman senatorial race. Although Coleman originally won the race, Ritchie oversaw the recount, delivering victory to Franken and giving Senate Democrats their 60th vote.


Another secretary of state helped by the SoSP was Jennifer Brunner of Ohio, who refused to take action to verify 200,000 questionable voter registrations in the 2008 elections. Apparently, expecting the Social Security number on the voter registration form to match the name of the person registering to vote is a “veiled attempt at disenfranchising voters.”

One of the stated goals of the SoSP is “universal, automatic, and portable voter registration.” Currently, many liberals in Congress are fighting to grant this wish through a universal voter registration bill. This bill would be a federal mandate that gives the federal government power over the state governments’ election processes. According to John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, “The feds will tell the states: Take everyone on every list of welfare recipients, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, all driver’s license holders, and register them to vote, regardless of whether they want to be.” Proponents of this bill, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank, are not at all concerned with the felons or illegals on these lists, or the duplicate voter registrations that will be created for those on several lists.

Universal voter registration was a longtime goal of Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The goal of their political strategy is to overthrow the current system of government and replace it with socialism. Newsmax’s James Walsh reported on this issue in 2008, stating, “By advocating massive, no-holds-barred voter registration campaigns, [Cloward and Piven] sought a Democratic administration in Washington, D.C., that would redistribute the nation’s wealth and lead to a totalitarian socialist state.” Notably, Cloward and Piven were present at the ceremonial signing of motor voter, beaming at the success of phase one of their ultimate plan to destroy the validity of the election process.


Much of what the universal voter registration bill will contain has been outlined in the Brennan Center for Justice’s Voter Registration Modernization Policy Summary. This summary calls for states to be required to enact permanent statewide voter registration. The center suggests a federal voter registration modernization act where, “once a voter is on the rolls, she would be permanently registered within the state and able to vote without re-registering even if she moved within the state or changed her name.” Unnoted in the summary is that such a system would crown married women the lucky winners of two votes each per election.

With the exception of Soros’s SoS Project oozing of obvious corruption, other initiatives like motor voter and universal voter registration appear innocent on the surface. But history tells us that if we open the door to voter fraud, ACORN and the like will walk through it. The combination of Soros money, corrupt leaders, and Ahmadinejad-esque election laws is a perfect recipe to force us into a fascist, interminable oligarchy where we the people have no voice. The legislation of this generation is enslaving the next; another example of “chains we can believe in.”



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