The True Spirit of the Tea Party: Mocking a Sick Man

I hope all you Tea Partiers will use the comments section to repudiate the cruel abuse of this elderly fellow at a health care demo.

He had a sign that said he had Parkinson’s disease. And he had the nerve to express support for health care reform. So of course he deserved abuse from the real sickos at the demo, your fellow Tea Party types. The people who mocked and abused him, throwing dollar bills at him in contempt, will likely rot in whatever hell they believe in. But before that I hope they learn something about suffering first hand, shall we say, and look in the mirror and remember this moment. I believe there’s a line in the New Testament that applies to this kind of behavior. The Old one too.


Are you so deluded by ignorant epithets like “communist!” you have zero room in your shriveled hearts for a fellow human being who, you apparently believe, deserves to suffer agonizingly because he differs on piece of legislation?

Once again I ask the Tea Partiers and their enablers: have you no shame?


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