Toyota Kills: A Grade School Lesson for Tea Partiers in the Calue of Government Regulation

I’d like all the Tea Partiers who must have skipped U.S. history to contemplate the death of a California cop and three others, killed according to today’s New York Post, no satanic liberal outlet “by a Toyota’s sudden acceleration when the pedal got stuck in a floor mat.”


Now read the rest of the story in the luciferian MSM you avoid to maintain you ignorance (or get someone to explain it to you). The rest of the story is all about e mails revealing how Toyota’s “Safety” division boasted to its bosses that it had saved a hundred millllion dollars by conning the lax Bush Administration regulators to limit, floor pedal recalls in 2007.

Now I want you to go to the family of that cop and jeer about the “terrible burden” federal regulations impose on free enterprise. How government is the enemy, and sure, their husband/father would be alive if there were vigorous regulation, but you’ve been told by your Tea Party leaders that it’s all bad. No government interference for you! Tell the family the cop died to preserve the purity of Tea Party values. I’ll bet that will console them.

Then go read some American history about how we learned in the New Deal that a rational system of regulation saves capitalism from itself, from its unrestrained greed even when that greed means making a buck off killing untold numbers of citizens by hiding the fatal defects in their cars.


This should be a lesson to you, unless it’s too late and you’re already brainwashed, which is my impression.

Maybe then you’ll realize that all aspects of government regulation are not all bad. Incompetent maybe, harassed by brainless de regulators, yes, need to be improved, strengthened, yes. But If the inspectors hadn’t been such pushovers for Toyota’s obscene greed, who knows how many families wouldn’t have to be mourning deaths now? Not just the ones who drove the Toyotas but the ones struck down by the killing machines the anti-regulation, anti-government ideology let loose on the highways.

What if it had been someone in your family? Still want to smash the windows of government?


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