Commenter Boasts of Right to Murder Government Officials

See: this is what I’m talking about. Commenter culture has become dominated sickos who essentially threaten to murder government officials they disagree with. How else do you interpret the last paragarh of this comment appended to my post asking “When will Right-Wingers Denounce Those Who Bring Guns to Rallies?”:


“The American people have been pushed to respond in suit to the gangster tactics of this administration, if only to remind them who has the inherent right to carry guns and to dispose of governmental representatives and their policies.”

“Dispose of”–i.e. euphemistically, murder–government reresentatives. Are you right winger columnists and talkers actually proud of the havoc you’ve wreaked on these unstable minds. That this is the kind of suorter you’ve garnered with your fear-mongering polemics.

Good thing we have his IP, since, of course, he was too cowardly to use his name.

Once again I ask: when are right wing commenters going to denounce those who threaten murder as a response to political disagreement. Those of you who stay silent will have blood on your hands when it happens.


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