Ron Rosenbaum

The Vicious Hatred For Obama is Becoming Worrisome, Especially...

… when viewed in the light of the two recent murders by right wing fanatics.

Spare me any comments to the effect that I don’t know the difference between dissent and murder. I do. And I disapprove of the government making value judgments on political opinions on civil liberties grounds (the Homeland Security Dept’s report). And don’t try to saddle me with cries committed by Leftists. I’m an anti-Marist liberal. I don’t engage in subliterate hate-speech the way so many anonymous commenters here do. That’s the problem I’ve been trying to point out in several recent posts: anonyous comenters suffeing fro cyber disinhibition are creating a toxic and erhas dangerous culture that can whip themselves into lynchob frenzy and eventualy…who knows.

The problem is that judging from the comments here, we have already got to a point where there is very little dissent–in the sense of reasoned political arguments–but a vast torrent of vicious abuse and insult, sputtering, mostly anonymous, abuse that is the substitute those without an ability to reason articulately use. And a culture of verbal violence can create the conditions for non verbal violence.

Your hatred for Obama–he can do nothing right, he is a man with evil designs–is nothing short of patholgical

And one without much of sense of humor. Tell me do you really get off on the “joke” of caling Obama “The One”, or “Nobama” still. any of you? Witty! Infantile name-calling such a sohisticated form of political discourse.

For a good majority of the commenters, for “coment thread conservatives” as Peggy Noonan called them, there is only one side, they can only hold one idea in their head at a time, it seems. Obama bad! Everything he does bad. A sohisticated argument which is advanced by labored witless attempts to make fun of Barack Obama for everything from his name to his race.

While I was one of the first to denounce Bush Derangement Syndrome on the Left, Obama Deragement Syndrome has gotten more extreme, often verbally violent and thuggish. I see this in the comments to any favorable mention of the President, especialy from the legion of cowardly anonyous absuers among the commenters, most of whom I suspect can’t stand the fact Obama is manifestly smarter than they are.

Fitzgerald once said the sign of a first rate intellect was the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in it at the same time. Obama Derangement Syndrome types not only have second or third rate minds by this definition, they are consumed by irrational hatred unable to conceive of the possibility that they can disagree with his politics without spewing hatred for his person.

It is the personal nature of the hatred whih is troubling. Obama Derangement Types are getting more and more verbally violent, they are creating a culture which has the potential to encourage some disorderly minds to go beyond verbal violence, alas. For them, clearly not well read in history, Obama has become not just a Presdient from the other party, duly elected by the people, however much they disagee or voted otherwise. No, he is some malign spirit, the devil incarnate, they are no longer intellectually able, if they ever were, to make a political argument. It’s just hate, hate, hate, insult, insult and more hate. Check it out, you few rational opponents of Obama who post here. Do you really want to be associated with the ugly thuggish verbal violence of Obama haters? One day you’ll turn on the television and regret you didn’t speak out for reason and moderation.