Ron Rosenbaum

Jarvis Watch (5): He's Not Stupid, He's...

…an ignoramus. There’s an important difference.Unlike the merely stupid, an ignoramus can appear clever about the Moment about the Now, but is in most cases, uneducated, unread, is ignorant of the glories of the printed word from poets (and defenders of free speech) like John Milton to idiosyncratic journalists like A.J. Liebling whose offhand gritty sophsitication makes our Jeff look like the oaf he is in print.

Yes, ignoramus. It’s a word that sums up self inflated bloviatators like Jeff jarvis who have no real education and profess to tell us about our reading culture past and future. What a laugh–and a cry, too–that he’s found a niche telling the deep pocketed haters of journalism that it’s all unnecessary. They’ve found their puppet ignoramus.

Consider these two pieces of prose.

First is Aman Taheri’s account of the the oppression of the woman journalists of Iran who are brutally imprisoned and tortured for trying to tell the truth about that regime and display magnificent courage in not backing down from their misssion.

And here is this ignorant screed by Jeff Jarvis who never wrote any journalism that rose above hackery–and certainly never risked his life for the truth–but who now fattens himself like a parasite on its dying body, mocking the practitioners. (I was glad to see in soe interview he gave recently that my phrase “dancing on their graves”–from from my original essay about Jarvisgot under his skin. Yes, it’s true Jeff, deny it ll you may, that’s wht you’ll be remembered for dancing joyfully on the graves of the brave brilliant practitioners of journalism,like those Iranian women whose feet you don’t deserve to kiss.

Poor ignoramus Jeff who eviddently has not read much journalis since the ground-breaking era in which he founded Entertainent Weekly has decided that he can’t figure out what the “added value’ journalists–like those Iranian women for instance–bring to civilization. No, better to fly around the world sucking lucrative fees from those who hate journalists and whose whole existence is predicated on concealing the truth from journalists. He’s too much of an ignoramus to realize what a convenient handmaiden/sock puppet he’s become for them, giving the fig leaf of futurism to their eternal desire to conceal the crimes that made their fortune, getting Jeff to tell them joyously that journlism is dying, the fool not realizing what an ignorant tool of the powerful he’s become–inviting them to join is dance on the grave of truth tellers and call it “progress”.

It’s really obscene this clown Jarvis, the John Wayne Gacy of journalism pretending to pronounce on what “value” is. That’s the esssential flaw of his juicebox Google worship, he equates value with popularity, the number of hits. Iranian repression of journalists: no value-added compared to infantile Jarvis-think and the info-tainment it has ensconced in the grave of journalism.

You ignoramus. Tell the Iranian women journalists: how they need to prove their “added value” to you Jeff Jarvis, sultan of simplemindedness.