A Stalinist (Who Can't Spell) Calls me a "Collectivist"

First a word about those who cry censorship when their posts are moderated. I feel no obligation to post any anonymous comment. To me it’s a prima facie sign of cowardice. I put my name on my posts and suffer a lot of ignorant abuse for it. Of course since it’s impossible to verify real names I post a good number of comments from anonyous cowards anyway.


But if you see an anonymous post here or elewhere, mentally affix this prefix: “I am too much of a coward to use my real name and stand behind my views.”

It’s out of laziness mostly that I let the cowards have mostly free reign, because it takes time to go through so many comments that say the same thing in the same lowbow, infantile way. (One even spelled anonymity “anonimitie”.)

As for not posting comments that disagree–look at them: almost 90 per cent disagree. I’m not your servant where whenever you compose some lame insult I have to hop to it so the world won’t be denied its superb brilliance. If your precious thoughts can’t wait for moderation try reading a book. I get the feeling it would be a new experience for many of you.

I say that because there’s a lot of pure ignorance out there. And pure sad simplemindedness. Like the lady who said “I never read blogs”. Duh. You’e commenting on one how did you pull that trick off. She tops it off with a snobbish assertion she only reads the London Times. Sure.

Sometimes I don’t post comments to spare the poster humiliating embarrassment. Consider this comment:

“I don’t like bering [sic] the bad news, but there is no room on this board for collectivists. They control everything and will soon ruin everything, and I just like reading the opinions of liberty loving people on this site. I don’t have to look around for collectivist opinions. They are foisted upon me from every direction every day without pause.
I have never bought into the sappy mantra preached in this babble of words. The answer is no, we can’t, and we don’t. Get over it.”


1) He can’t spell “bearing”, a sign of adult illiteracy. (there are classes for this you know).

2) He’s basically a paranoid Stalinist, cowardly in his anonymity of course. Note how smugly proud he is of his self-proclaimed role as censor. He would be at home in the former Soviet Union. No opposing views for him, either to read or to be allowed to be read by others. That’s Stalinism, or as he calls it “collectivism”.

3) He has no idea what collectivism is, and how it differs from liberalism. My “Note to the Blogosphere” post called for more dissent on both liberal and conservative blogs. Yet just about every commenter ignored that. Can’t you people read? Wait, unfair question.

I’m a liberal not a collectivist. Some night after your adult illiteracy class, Mr. “Bering Bad News” check out this essay on the difference. Get someone to help you with the hard words.


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