Ron Rosenbaum

Better Butters Than Peanut Butter

I don’t have anything against peanut butter, and I don’t wish to be seen taking advantage of what seems to be a minor crisis brought to you (once again) by the lax regulatory regime of those who believe that an utterly unfettered free market always is better even when it means the sickenss and death of a few peole. It seems to e that true conservatives distrust human nature and thus would want a watchful eye to prevent, prifit axing salonella soreading entrepreneurs, rather than allow “the market’ to punish such scum only after the death totals have come in).

But it gives me an excuse to put in a word for the Better Buttters: cashew butter (insanely delicious), almond butter (ditto and more protein), macadamia butter (almost obscenely rich) and the ever-hardy, slightly-hard-to-warm-up-to, but worth it sunflower seed butter.

All of these are available at almost every health food store and they are light years better than even organic unsweetened health food store peanut butter which puts oversweetened and salted crapola like Jif and Skippy to shame.

Warning: they are addictive, and fattening and fatty as hell. But to go through life without the exerience of sensual pleasue they offer would be sad.