The Hysterical Over-reaction...

…to my last post on Obama’s critique of the greedhead bonus thieves who stole from their shareholders and gave capitalism a bad name, indicates that many of those who consider themselves conservatives don’t have the first idea of what conservatism is.


Obama didn’t call for new laws or penalties for for the swinish financeers (the typical liberal solution). What he did was use moral suasion and call for self restraint, two conservative values. The inability to recognize this by those who consider themselves conservatives is a sad libel on true conservatism, and robs it of intellectual respect if they are its representatives. They identify themselves as ignorant and value-less. They substitute for rational conservative values a crazed hatred of a Democrat because he is a Democrat. You make yourself lackeys–virtual spittoons–for the bankers even the New York Post calls “pigs” on its front page.

I went out of my way to point out that both parties are responsible for the economic carnage we face, those who didn’t see that either lack reading comprehension skills (among other intellectual equipment) or are so blinded by partisan hatred they can’t see what’s in front of their eyes. I feel sorry for them and the damage they do to their cause.

And alas, I have to bring this up. I don’t think the ugly crazed hatred for Obama’s mild remarks is free in all cases from a kind of “how dare a black man talk to us this way!” attitude. You may howl with rage about it, but cumulatively I feel it’s there. Not in all the comments but in some and in sum. How pathetic when your inability to read what I wrote accurately, or phrase your disagrement without the vile and cowardly malice of those who hide behind anonymity, mark you in many–not all, but many–cases as inferior and too dim to recognize how you clearly you flaunt your inferiority.


Instead of more spittle-flecked comments, try reading a good book, if you have the reading skills. I recommend starting with David Copperfield. It will help you deepen your human as opposed to hate-filled responses to life. Further of the latter will only prove my point.


My favorite dumb comment about the bonuses: the idiot greedheads who brought bankrutcy to theirown insitutions and may still cause the entire economy to colllapse “deserved their bonuses because of their wise investment strategies.”


My favorite supportive comment:

“As often happens I have to wonder if many of those commenting actually read the article! It’s very simple, the big wigs can have their billions in bonuses but not with our tax money. Why is that difficult? Why does it have to turn into another Obama is a poopoohead whine fest? It’s hypocritical to b*tch about hypocrisy while supporting the problem.”


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