Ron Rosenbaum

Shame on Madame Tussaud's! Bravo to the Hitler Beheader!

After a while you get inured to the trivialization of mass murder, tired of trying to police or shame those who persist out of idiocy (Roberto Benigni) or opacity (Charlie Chaplain in The Great Dictator) in doing it. And so I found myself too weary to comment on the fact that the Madame Tussard’s new Berlin branch featured a life sized wax figure of Adolf Hitler.

After all “market research” had shown there was a demand for such an exhibit as long as it was done “with sensitivity” a spokesperson or Madame Tussard’s said. (I’m being ironic here just in case it wasn’t obvious).

But now that some bold and justly outraged soul has taken eminently appropriate action and ripped the head off the cultural monstrosity the wax figure represented, I don’t want to negelect offering my gratitude for the moral clarity of the act.