Ron Rosenbaum

Wow! Just When I Try to Be Sympathetic to Hillary...

…(as in the laast post) she comes out with the astonishing RFK assassination remark. There is simlpy no other way to interpret it except as “one reason I’m stayng in the race is that my opponent might be assassinated befor eth convention and I’d be the last one standing,” the presumptive nomineee, albeit because she’d be the benficiary of murder.

This is so wacko I can’t believe it. Yes I know she apologized, but it’s too late and it’s horrible watching someone disintegrate in public like that. I’d like to blame Bill, but even if it was one of his talking points (in private) she was the one who took it public.

If you want to read something really sad, read the attempts by the commenters at a pro-Hillary blog to rationalize her remarks. Yes, sure it wasn’t about assaination at all, really, it was about..well watch them struggle to make it seem like it was something totally benign rather than deranged and offensive, and potentially dangerous. Sad to see her followers unable to let go as they abadonon their intellects and she drags them under with her.

I think the only way she gets out of this with any hope of a political future is to pledge today that she will withdraw from the race if her opponent is assassinated because having raised the specter, if God forbid it happens, she can’t deny she might have inspired it. The Democratic Party must reject her if she won’t pre emptively declare her withdrawal under those circumstances.