Ron Rosenbaum

Three Goddesses: Can You Choose?

Rosanne Cash, Rickie Lee Jones, or Joni Mitchell? You might want to take a look at my current Slate column on The Best Joni Mitchell Song Ever and see if you agree. You’ll notice I make sure to point out I also revere Rickie Lee Jones and Rosanne Cash, singer-songwriter goddesses.

Frankly I go back and forth among the three. I once wrote a tongue in cheek (sort of) “marriage proposal” to Rosanne Cash in a column about her work. I can listen to Rickie Lee’s brilliant “Rodeo Girls” and “Beat Angels” and “Stewart’s Coat” (the latter two from Traffic From Paradise)for days on end.

Remember the mythical story of the “Judgment of Paris” where he had to choose between three goddesses and selected the goddess of love, who then awarded him the love of Helen of Troy which of course resulted in the world wrecking slaughter of the Trojan war. You have to be careful in making these choices.

Anyone want to help? I’d be interested to see if others share this dilemma. Which singers? Which songs? Just asking.