Can a Jew Love a Christmas Song?

I have to admit (unsurprisingly), as an unbeliever, most of them leave me cold as Frosty the Snowman (yuck!), although I certainly see how the spiritual ones appeal to sincere believers.


But I love Darlene Love’s “Christmas”! Of course it was a Phil Spector production, an emblematic product of what I once called his “Wailing Wall of Sound”, so it’s kind of a Jewish Christmas song. But, if you put it that way, so is “White Christmas” which I can’t bear.

And I love Darlene Love! I could listen to that song all year. It’s pure unadulterated joy. Maybe while Phil’s out on bail awaiting his new trial, he can work up another one for her.

p.s. Okay I thought of another one I like: the Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick”. Not the same level of greatness, but weirdly appealing. Any other Jews out there want to share their guilty Christmas song pleasure?


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