Incredible! Tim Russert Has managed to Make Stephen Colbert...

…utterly unfunny. I’m watching what has to be the most cringe-inducing moments on the history of American television. I don’t know how he did it, but Russert who I generally kind of like, may have the worst comic instincts I’ve ever seen. He’s trying to play along with Colbert’s put-on Presidential candidacy by putting on that he’s taking it seriously. Playing the tough interrogator, putting on a parody of himself. Although he’s almost revealing that he already is a parody of himself.


This is not comic. It’s tragic. I mean I think Colbert’s a genius for his high wire act of sustaining a one-joke concept for night after night. It’s laugh out loud brilliant. You keep waiting for it to become too obvious and heavy handed, but his show almost never hits a false note.

Yet somehow with Russert mock “grilling” him, it all seems to come crashing to the ground from that high wire. it makes you want to avert your eyes from the wreckage. It’s a moment that will go down–way, way, down–in the history of bad comedy and skin crawling embarrassment.

I think it’s going to be legendary. I’m sure it will be YouTubed in a moment and if anyone sends me a link I’ll post it.

But it’s just so so painful I don’t think I can watch it again.

Update: Here it is.


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