Ron Rosenbaum

My immediate After-Reaction to Ahmadinejad at Columbia

I just finished watching the question and answer session. I had been conflicted about the Columbia invitation to the Iranian Holocaust denier and wannabe genocidaire. Is it better to experience evil–and its forked tongue spokesman first hand–even if it means legitimating him to a certain extent?

But the shock to me was not the evasive quality of his talk, but the applause afterward.

Major enthuaistic applause. That is something that I will never forget, alas.

Ahmadinejad was just being his lying, deceiving self. The applause of the Columbia audience showed them (the ones who clapped) to be useful idiots, moral idiots, complacent about Hitlerism’s contemporary embodiment. Unequipped by a history to understand how Hitler lied and deceived the West about his benign intentions until the very first shots were fired and the first Poles and Jews murdered. Not only the audience, but Columbia’s history department should be deeply ashamed.