Ron Rosenbaum

Bulletin: Theresa Duncan Not Yet Ruled a Suicide

According to sources I checked with in the New York City Police Department and the City Medical Examiner’s Office, the death of Theresa Duncan (se posts below) which has been almost without exception called “a suicide” in the local papers has not yet been officially ruled a suicide.. It may well still be. To my knowledge no evidence has come to light suggesting murder or accidental death. But the authorities aren’t commenting , awaiting, for one thing, toxicology reports on Duncan they say may not be available for at least two weeks.

A verdict “on the cause and manner of her death” is still “pending investigation” is all a spokesman for the Medical Examiner said she was authorized to say.

Meanwhile the body of Theresa Duncan’s boyfriend, Jeremy Blake–who reportedly committed suicide in the waters off Rockaway Beach because he was “despondent” over Theresa’s death–has still not been found.

I have some more information on Jeremy Blake’s death and other aspects of the case that I am checking out and hope to post soon.