Ron Rosenbaum

Ron Paul and His Followers

I’m reproducing this comment to my last post (typically the abusive commenter timidly hides behind anonymity). I generally don’t post anonymous and/or abusive comments, but there are enough of them from Paul’s followers to make me even more convinced about the shrill little dog whistle they’re hearing. Here’s a particularly embarassing one:

I did hear Ron Paul was discriminatory. He wants to do away with neocons who are against American civil liberties. I guess that would be you. No wonder you don’t like Ron Paul. The question is, do you feel threatened enough to make up stories about Ron Paul, since he is your enemy

First there’s the ignorance and inaccuracy. Anyone who reads the post can see that I explicitly say I don’t find Ron Paul an anti-semite but rather likable. It’s certain of his less-than-brilliant followers–precisely like the one above–who are the stain on his campaign. Look at the lame attempt to make a joke about being “discriminatory”. And I should point out that although I’m a liberal internationalist and member of the ACLU, not a neo con, one has to wonder about just how metaphorical the commenter’s language is when he says Ron Paul wants to “do away” with neo cons.

Just what does “do away with” with mean? Is he speaking for Ron Paul? Is that the commenter’s view of “American civil liberties”, to “do away with” those who disagree with them? Which amendment of the Bill of Rights has that?

Is he perhaps betraying a subconscious wish to make “do away with” literally eliminationist? Sure doesn’t sound like an accidental slip. (nor does the venom in some of the other commenters’ remarks, bile not worth spreading).

Indeed, I think the comment above perfectly exemplifies the point I made about some not all of Ron Paul supporters.

You’ve certainly done Ron Paul proud.