Ron Rosenbaum

The Single Stupidest Thing on The O'Reilly Factor. No: On All of TV

Look I don’t want to be accused of shooting fish in a barrel., as they say. There are a lot of stupid things said on the show, and not just by the host whom I can’t feel a lot of animus for, however much I may disagree with him, because I’ve never considered him a serious political analyst. (does anyone, even those who agree with his politics?). The ginned-up fake populism grates, but every once in a while he takes off on a legitimate crusade. Even then he’s a showman at best, a clown at worst posing as a political analyst.

But please…..The “body language expert”. I’m stunned that even O’Reilly isn’t embarrassed by showcasing this pseudo science, a combination of the obvious and the meaningless. Have you seen it? Shouldn’t somebody take Bill aside and say that it undermines whatever credibility his political views might have, for him to take this seriously. I think it’s a sign that he’s over, reaching out for a gimmick like this.

Show me the double blind clinical studies that prove there’s the slightest shred of validity to this “method of analysis”. What’s next, “The Factor Phrenologist”? He has this feature “most Ridiculous Item of the Day” and every day he has the “body language expert”, that segment wins hands down.

For someone who watches a lot of television, one sees a lot of stupidity. But this is so gratingly stupid it’s almost unbearable to watch, yet strangely irresistible too. Does Roger Ailes, a smart guy whatever you think of his politics know his franchise Fox product is making a fool of himself and the entire network?

Where is Colbert with his nutso “expert”? Can I volunteer to play one?