Football picks, Round 2 Review: Minimal Gloating Edition

Well all I can say is I wish I were Tom Brady. Not even for his skills but for his luck. The ability to win a playoff game against a top-rated team by throwing an interception–karma like that means he must have been Gandhi in a previous lifetime.


Still he insured I beat the spread by doing it–by throwing a fourth down pass that got intercepted, when, had it just gone incomplete, would have ended the Patriots’ season. But as those of you who have seen the game highlight reel know, the interception, by the Chargers’ Marlon McKee, resulted in McKee fumbling the ball, a Patriots recovery and a chance to keep the ball and win the game. Which they did.

That meant I had picked the winners of all four games (once again) and beat the spread on 3 out of 4 this time Giving me a a 5-3 record agsint the spread so far in the playoffs. (My rival Gil Roth was 1-3 for this past weekend making him 2-6 over all. Only minimal gloating however, because it sets up treacherous picks for next weekend’s matches.

I think Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady in the AFC is going to be one of the great matchups of all time. I’m eager to see what the final line will be. As for the NFC I just can’t figure out Chicago. They made the Seadogs who looked so bad last week, look good. They’ve got to be an underdog to New Orleans but by how much.

I wish I could quit now at 5-3.


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