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How the Left Spins the Walker Victory

The victory of Governor Scott Walker has produced a surfeit of irrationality in the ranks of the American Left, who are trying their best to spin the recall outcome to prove that they were always correct. Here is what they are saying.

At Huff Post, the activist professor and major ACORN supporter Peter Dreier has the answer that is easiest for their troops to produce, since it takes little real logic and hard analysis of the vote: the Koch Brothers bought the outcome. No tough analysis of the factors others look at, as Dreier notes, “examining exit polls, spilling lots of ink over how different demographic groups -- income, race, religious, union membership, gender, party affiliation, independents, liberals/conservatives/moderates, etc -- voted on Tuesday.” It’s just not necessary.

It’s all about “Big Money,” and the only loser was not Tom Barrett, “but democracy.” Citing Walker’s big win -- 53% to 46% -- which of course cannot be denied, Dreier attributes the Walker victory to the $23 he spent for each vote he received, while Barrett only spent $3.47.

And even worse, he argues, this does not reflect the ads paid for by out-of-state billionaires, who he argues “bought this election for Walker.”

If you want a cartoon version of the argument -- even though the case made by Dreier is itself a cartoon -- you can find it at History News Network in the graphic produced by activist professor (yes, another one of that breed whose salary pays for their leftist activity) Joshua Brown.

These representatives of the people do not seem to comprehend how their argument shows little confidence in the ability of the average Joe -- whom they claim to represent -- to understand their own needs, and make wise decisions on that basis. Dreier and Brown are in effect saying that the people are so dumb that TV commercials paid for by the Koch brothers are enough to produce an outcome contrary to their own interests. (Dreier does not know, evidently, that the Koch brothers favor decriminalization of marijuana and same sex marriage, causes he probably supports himself. Maybe they are responsible for Obama’s sudden turn on that last issue.)